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         Telecom Future Centre 

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The show is titled SEARCH, a word that is the starting point of the planning and the concept that is at the hearth of his works. The artist Simone Pizzinga, born in 1985, lives and works in Torino.

From the beginning, he has based his research on the contamination between the classic style and techniques, and the new technologies.
Everything starts from the marker flashing on the search engine’s bar, in which the artist writes a keyword, using it as a starting point for a study.

“Starting from pre-created images forces me to interpret and metabolize them, then give life to something new. I’m interested in pushing out from the visual anonymity the frames I choose, not accidentally, between billions of photos you can find on-line. The marginal subject in the original photo, often acquires a new relevance.”

His last artistic production, consists, at first step, in the graphic and iconic processing of the image choosed as subject. This new image is turned in black and white tones and developed on a photosensitive film. Films are placed on watercoloured papers, then everything is framed. Glass, photosensitive film, paper and tens of watercoloured layers give to the artwork a deepness that is not only material, but psychological.

The distortions he forces to the original subjects, don’t break the basic balance, but actually give them a suspension appearing ecstatic. Images lose their digital feature, they become deep, soft, carnal, floating suspended on that base of pigment and water stretched as a veil.

At this point an oxymoron is generated, the images that seem to be gloomy and suffocating, become light and suspended.
We are not in front of reality, but a fragment of it. From that, a detail has been extracted, for leading it elsewhere and suspended as is typical of certain preserved moments from most classical art and its poses.

In a kind of “indifference”, compared to the time and place from where it comes from and where it has been “seized”, a minor subject achieves an innovative relevance.


   Lisa La Pietra- - Alessia Gloder


                       ARGIA  1

Lisa La Pietra - Alexandra Foffano


Venice is a very desirable international showcase for every artist who dreams: thanks to us, this dream will become reality.