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Ph. Bianconero

          YOUR WEDDING                   in Venice



 Dream and reality, synonyms of love, beauty, joy and emotion

will crown your Wedding

We will help you to satisfy every wish whatsoever in the most wonderful

day of your life.


  • We organise Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish, Evangelist , Symbolist  and same-sex ceremonies.


  • For services different from the Catholic rite, there is the possibility for Anglicans to use St. George’s Anglican Church.

  • For Jews, there is the choice of the Italian Synagogue, the German Synagogue, the Spanish Synagogue, the Canton Synagogue and the Levantine Synagogue in the Ghetto.

  • For Orthodox ceremonies, the Church of San Giorgio dei Greci, one of the most ancient Orthodox churches from the diaspora, is available.

  • For Protestants, the Evangelist Church in Palazzo Cavagnis.

  • Civil ceremonies are held in the splendid frame of Palazzo Cavalli (the Town Hall) on the Grand Canal with a view of Rialto Bridge.

  • The Symbolist ceremony takes place in either a Patrician Mansion or on the beach.

  • The Celebrant who leads the ceremony can be dressed as a Venetian Doge, a High-Ranking Officer,  in civilian clothes with a sash, as a priest or however you desire.



  • The LOVE PROMISE is organised in absolute secrecy in an imaginative, spectacular way with video recording.

  • ​We provide total assistance with bureaucratic requirements both before the ceremony and afterwards for the issue of the certificate legalised by the Prefecture which we will collect and send to you.


  • ​For the Wedding Feast there is a vast choice of top quality restaurants in Venice. You can also choose  the State Rooms in a Venetian Mansion with a refined, fascinating catering service. 

  • Instead, if you prefer to be alone together in a romantic atmosphere, the Hotel will organise a an unforgettable corner just for you. You could even ‘go native’ in a simple Venetian ‘Bacaro’

  • For your Wedding Night, there will be a wonderful hotel, historic, modern or luxury, or if you prefer, an apartment reserved for you.


  • You can arrive at the ceremony in gondola, a truly romantic arrival, swayed by the silken sounds of the water, with the gondoliers in their white wedding uniforms.  A water-taxi is quicker but always romantic and attractive.​We organised  complete  professional,  photographic  services with video recordings , floral decorations, the bride’s bouquet, musical interludes for the ceremony and  the Wedding  Feast Hair-dressers and Make-up Artists.  We can also provide a Hostess who speaks your language so that you can fully enjoy the Most Memorable Day in your life in complete tranquility.  We can also take care of your Guests, if you so wish.

  • We guarantee an immense range of services to fulfill your most secret dreams.


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