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The appointment to celebrate the civil wedding must be agreed beforehand with the Town Hall office.
2 Witnesses must be present, each with a valid identity document
Residents in other municipalities
A written request from the Mayor in the municipality of residence is required which must be preceded by the publication of the bans
Austrian, Swiss, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Moldavian and Luxembourg citizens must produce a certificate enabling marriage issued by the municipality of residence, according to the Convention signed in Munich 5th September 1980.
American and Australian citizens must produce a Sworn Declaration from the American or Australian Consulate in Italy, later legalised by the Prefecture, together with an Affidavit issued by the Italian Consulate.
All other foreigners must produce a Declaration issued by the competent Authority of their country (Embassy or Consulate in Italy) certifying permission to marry.
Civil wedding in a municipality different from that of residence.
If the couple intend to have a civil wedding in a municipality different from that of residence they must produce a specific, official request,  (with Revenue Stamp) to the Mayor of the town where the Bans have been published.  The  Mayor, at the end of the required period, makes a written request (Delega) to the Registrar of the municipality where the wedding is to take place
A civil wedding is celebrated in the Town Hall
If either Bride or Groom cannot go to the Town Hall due to illness or other impediment the Registrar, with the Secretary, will go to that person (home, hospital, prison, etc.) and in the presence of 4 Witnesses will proceed to celebrate the wedding
Patrimonial Regime
Unless the couple declare to the Registrar their choice of ‘Separation of Patrimony’ at the moment of marriage, then automatically the regime of ‘Communion of Patrimony’ will exist. At any time, the married couple can stipulate matrimonial conventions by a Public Deed certified by a Notary.
At the moment of the wedding, the couple can also legally recognise any children born to them.
Immediately after the civil ceremony the Registry Office can issue the Marriage Certificate. Up-dated Registry Certificates will be available after 2 days.  If the Newly Married Couple reside in a municipality different from where their wedding was celebrated, the Registrar will send a copy of the Act to their municipality of residence.

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